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Analyze and evaluate the key data to define the BUSINESS OBJECTIVES that guide the central decisions. Then establish the tactics that your company will implement in its plans
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Once the OBJECTIVES have been defined, it is a matter of developing the Action Plan: WHAT - WHO - WHEN - HOW - WHERE, the essential tools for orderly management. We have experience in adjusting strategic and tactical aspects when fine tuning planning.
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That these are benefits and not losses is what we work for. Therefore, it is important to establish appropriate indicators for performance control and obtain early signs of changes that circumstances demand.


Design, execution and control of agriculture 4.0 projects in all its multiple facets 


Design, execution and control of projects.

Years working in activities related to agriculture, animal production, food processing, environmental issues, project implementation, training and technical assistance in the territory of the United States.
We put our experience at the service of entrepreneurs, new projects; aiming at a modern and sustainable agriculture, committed to the development of the sector.


Layout, designand production of high-value crops.

Whatever the type of production or project, we understand it is necessary to incorporate practices and techniques according to the objectives sought. Our idea-project-product trilogy as a highly experienced methodology allows us to glimpse the best path towards the objectives set.
Our years of experience  advising different companies and individuals seeking to establish themselves in local markets or expand abroad pay our offer


Skills, knowledge and education in innovative processes.

In the agricultural world, within the vast territory of the United States; There are excellent business opportunities, for the development of which it is necessary to acquire the appropriate tools.
Given this, we have specialists in advising on the specially required skills, necessary to succeed in your agricultural projects.

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Technology transfer.

We contribute with the different actors of the agricultural sector with knowledge and advanced techniques, to support them in the achievement of their objectives in production and commercialization; It is our specialization and professional strength.


Coaching and Training.

Design and implementation of activities with actors in the sector, to address different issues; be it with group workshops, training, delivery of informative material, etc. Everything that can allow deepening knowledge, incorporating new methodologies, tools and techniques for sustainable agriculture.
This technological transfer is carried out both in person and remotely or mixed, adapting to the needs of each case, always seeking the best solution; so that the different recipients can visualize, size and capitalize on what has been delivered.

Processing and added value of agricultural products

Achieving add value to your product is one of the main objectives. Selling products without any type of processing entails losing  important income, which is captured by other people, who operate in the business value chain.
Our team can collaborate in the search for better strategies and alternatives, to improve  your competitiveness and profitability by strengthening  the added value of your project, favoring the opening of new markets.

Our team can support you to set up processing and value-added projects in order to increase your profits.

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